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One of the cheapest and simplest means of bringing change to your house is by paying for the painting service offered by Smooth Finishes Painting. Do you have a color in mind? Or do you only plan to refresh the interiors or exteriors? One of the most challenging parts is looking for a local painting contractor in Deer Park, WA. Keep on reading to learn more about why you should consider hiring a contractor to get the work done. Below is a list of the services we offer as well as the benefits you can get from investing in our knowledge!

What our company can offer

Exterior Painting

Even if anyone can paint, there’s much to the exterior painting process than just buying a can of paint and a brush. Your goal is not to change the colors of your house in Deer Park, WA but to add value and increase its overall market value. It doesn’t matter whether you have no plans of reselling your property or moving out soon, but you still have to aim for a quality outcome. Our painting contractor is reliable and trained to deliver quality work. We can provide thorough work and ensure your house is looking appealing after the paint job.

Interior Painting

One of the biggest benefits of hiring our contractors is that we’re trained to do what we do, which makes us efficient and timely. Our crew will be updated with the newest and most innovative painting techniques and methods. Unlike DIY enthusiasts, we have all the best equipment and materials needed for the project. Because this is what we do for a living, we’ve invested heavily in the right equipment that will cost a huge amount of money if you were to purchase each one of them!

Residential Painting

One additional reason for hiring a painting service provider is that we’re professionals in this industry. We also have a team of contractors that specialize in painting and doing the necessary preparations. Our skill levels are far above an amateur contractor. On top of that, we know which brush and roller should be used for painting straight lines and the right means for taping edges. Our skillful job eliminates the demand for repainting sooner than expected and means the longevity of the paint job.

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

Improving the interiors of the office may seem like a DIY project you could do over the weekend; however, there’s a lot that goes into painting the interior than just replacing the colors on the wall. You’ll be starting everything from scratch – from planning to buying the materials & surface preparation to the actual painting. If you’re an amateur, chances are you’ll exceed your budget and timeline. Hiring us will save you money and time since we’ll come prepared with the right amount of paint and material.

Wall Texture

Wall Texture

Without a question, you’d go over your budget when doing the paint job yourself. On the flip side, our painting service providers can enjoy special discounts on the materials and paint from local manufacturers. With that, we can provide you with affordable painting services that fit your budget. We’ll also deliver quality work while staying within the set budget. Hiring our company may seem like an expensive decision, but that’s cheaper than doing the work yourself!



Repairing the drywall as well as repainting your interior allows you to pick colors that will improve the charm and looks of your property. It’s exciting, but it can also be quite overwhelming if you don’t have an eye for color. Using a certain color can be difficult, for if you choose the wrong color, you’ll be stuck with it for years. Fortunately, our painting contractor can offer expert advice on different color choices. We’ll also provide color schemes and cost-efficient alternatives.

Custom Painting

Custom Painting

Unlike a DIY paint job, hiring our team will save you a lot of time. You wouldn’t want to keep your house disorganized and messed up with the materials for weeks. We have a team to complete the project within a specific timeline. Thus, you can get back to your daily routine as soon as possible. Moving furniture, removing any wall decor, buying the supplies needed, the preparation and work needed, and the painting process can be time-consuming. We’ll ensure the timely completion of your painting project.

Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

DIY cleaning and painting may sound fun, but it’s not as easy as often seen in movies and shows. Often, the hardest part is preparing the surface. Without proper surface cleaning, they may not hold paint as it should and the outcome will neither be appealing nor long-lasting. Once you decided on a color, we’ll start with thorough cleaning and preparations. Depending on the scope of the job, the process usually entails caulking, sanding, and applying a primer before actual painting can happen!

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Our painting contractors are equipped with the most innovative techniques and supplies to do the project with perfection and accuracy. We only make use of quality paint best suited for your property, which will stay on your walls for years to come. We’ll make sure that there are clean lines and no messy debris, flakes, and chips. Quality paint job done will last for years to come. Our experienced contractors can prepare the surfaces of the walls professionally to achieve the best paint finish.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

During DIY cleaning, some of your biggest worries will be not being able to paint clean lines, but painting too thin or too thick or accidentally missing spots. With our team, you won’t have to worry about these factors. We have a natural hand for painting straight & clean lines. On top of that, we know the proper means for taping edges and which roller and brush will work best on the kind of walls or surfaces you have! Because this is what we do for a living, you can be sure that the project is in good hands.

Color Consulting

Color Consulting

Upgrading the color scheme of a room can be time-consuming that drains all of your energy. Ease your mind by hiring our painting contractors to do the job instead. We can handle projects safely and efficiently so we can repaint the room while you’re free to focus on your more important matters and daily activities. Our painting contractors will also get the paint job done much quicker. What may have taken you a few weeks to paint on your own, our contractors can do in just one day!

Project Planning

Project Planning

Our company can spot rot or decays in your property. Minor imperfections can impact your house down the road. Our company will advise you to fix these problems before we start painting. Water vapors can enter the walls through these holes and cause mold or rot. Quality paint jobs can protect the structural integrity of your property against water and moisture. We can also recommend you to reliable contractors to repair all structural problems that are out of our area of expertise.

Quality Painting in Deer Park, WA!

How you can benefit from us

It’s an opportunity to pick new patterns or colors for your house. It can be fun and brings back life to your home’s interiors and exteriors. Our exterior painting service provider is capable of providing you with good advice and suggestions as well as cost-efficient alternatives. We also use back priming or back rolling efficiently. Improving your home’s interiors and exteriors requires skilled craftsmanship! We also make use of high-quality paints that affect the ability of your house to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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How your project is handled

Our exterior house painting contractor is equipped with the materials needed to carry out the job as well as extensive knowledge about how to use these materials. We also have the protective equipment and materials needed to prevent paint from getting on your belongings and furniture. If you decide to do the painting job yourself, the costs of supplies, materials, and equipment can be high.

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by Janice Gray on Smooth Finishes Painting
True Professionals

I will keep using the excellent interior house painting services of these people for my future projects. They work fast and have all the equipment to take care of the ones that are the most demanding. The quality of their work is outstanding and their painters are courteous and punctual.

Randy Beals
Randy Beals
Smooth Finishes painting is awesome. Felix and his crew came in prepped my house for popcorn ceiling removal, then they did a smooth texture finish and then primed and paint. I had a handful of bids. Felix came over gave me estimate told me everything he was going to do, and he guarantees he's work he uses top shelf paint product Benjamin Moore paint. The job came out amazing Five Star

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